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Safeguarding Policy

Our Safeguarding Policy is Available upon Request From Diverse FM Training & Media Department 

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Complaint Procedure


Diverse FM Community Media and Training Ltd.

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about your training organisation or any part of your training, including work placement or work taster sessions, it will be taken seriously and all efforts will be made to sort it out quickly and informally.

Talk to your trainer, or another member of staff if this is difficult and give them time to put things right.

Your trainer can often resolve problems at your work placement or at a taster session without the company being aware that anything has been said.

However, if the complaint cannot be sorted out in this way there is a Grievance Procedure, which is as follows:

  1. If you have a complaint of any kind you should speak to your trainer formally, the trainer will try to resolve the matter quickly, certainly within four working days of the matter being raised with them.

  2. If you feel that the matter has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may then go to speak to the manager in your organisation. A written decision will be given within 7 working days of the issue being raised.

  3. If you are unhappy with this decision a meeting will be arranged to include the Training Coordinator and project worker the decision of this meeting will be final and will be given to you in writing.

If you need to use the grievance procedure it is important that you know the following:

  •   You will be treated fairly

  •   No action will be taken against you because you have used the grievance


  •   All members of staff respect your right to use the procedure.

  •   You can bring along a friend or another learner to support you at the meeting.

Name: Ashuk Ahmed MBE
15 November 2018
Date to be reviewed: 15 November 2019 

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